Generalised Seizures

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Niamh's Journey

Generalised seizures are caused by epileptic activity in both halves of the brain.

Consciousness is lost during the seizure, although sometimes this is very brief.

In some types of generalised seizures the epileptic activity misses a small part of the brain. This means that the presentation of generalised seizures will vary depending on how much of your brain is affected.

The main types of generalised seizure are: tonic-clonic, absences, myoclonic, tonic and atonic.

Niamh's Generalised Seizures


Limb jerking and stiffness. These can affect just arms, just legs one side or both sides. And vary in severity from a few small twitches to very large violent jerking periods.
Although her eyes roll, the rest of her face appears normal during these episodes and she appears conscious although probably is not.
She still has these regularly throughout the day most days.
Duration 1-30 seconds.

Trembling of arms and legs for several minutes.

Tonic Clonic Seizures


Crunching her body over into ball shape and tightening of her fists with her arms shaking.
She stopped having these frequently in Oct-Nov 04. But had a few in early March 05.
Duration 1-10secs
Leg Raising with occasional jerking 1-5 seconds (stopped having these in Nov 2004)

Eye deviations in both directions for 1-10 seconds or eye rolling upwards with/without eye flickering.

Tonic, Seizures, Myoclonic Jerks, Absence, Eye Flickers